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            Yogacharya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf is one of the most accomplished Yogis in the West. He has spent most of his life serving humanity, helping students achieve radiant health and spiritual development through Yoga practice.

Yogacharya Akif Manaf was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1958. He studied Cybernetic Economics in the Moscow Institute of Economics between 1975 and 1980. He graduated in 1980 with Bachelor Degrees in Economics and Mathematics. He completed his Master’s Degree in 1984 and began teaching at the Institute of Economics. He completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1994.

Yogacharya Akif Manaf first began his studies on Yoga when he was 7 years old and at age 14 he started practicing Yoga regularly. His interest in Yoga and Far East philosophies developed and led him to settle down in India in 1989. He learned the Sanskrit language and became an expert on Veda and Yoga philosophy. He was educated by many Yoga Masters in India and advanced to the Yogi stage. He lived in the Himalayas and was educated by true Yoga Masters who had lived for a considerable length of time in the Himalayas. These are the Himalayas where true Yoga Masters reside. He learned the secret philosophy and techniques of the Original Yoga System.

Yogacharya Akif Manaf began instructing Yoga education in the Yoga Academy which he founded in India in 1994. He was given the title of Maha Yogi, meaning “Great Yogi” by the Great Yoga Master Maha-Vishnu Mahesh Yogi, who lives in the Himalayas.

In 2007, Maha Yogi Akif Manaf was given the title of Yogacharya. Yogacharya is a combination of two words in Sanskrit: Yoga and Acharya. The word Acharya means “skilled,” “Master,” “example,” “key,” or “opener.” Thus the meaning of Yogacharya is “Yoga Master,” “the key person to the secrets of Yoga,” or “the person who opens the door that leads to the summit of Yoga.”

Yogacharya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf teaches the Original Yoga System and embodies the virtues of the discipline: kindness, patience, humility, fortitude, righteousness, humor, selfless service, Ahimsa (nonviolence), compassion and understanding for all. Like many early Great Yoga Masters, much of his teaching is imparted nonverbally; it is said that students can feel the truth and make rapid improvements simply by being in his presence.

Yogacharya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf has initiated hundreds of thousands of people into Yoga practice. He is known as ‘the Ultimate Teacher of Teachers’ and ‘the Cornerstone of Yoga’. He is recognized as a leading force in the field of Yoga.

Yogacharya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf has taught in many institutions, among which are Bilgi University and Bosphorus University, and is still currently teaching in several institutions. His main focus continues to be his work of relaying his knowledge and experience to people in the Yoga Academy which he has founded in Turkey.

Yogacharya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf’s books and CD’s are available in Turkish.

For your questions on Yoga, the writer’s contact information is below:

Mobile Telephone: 0535 234 51 66

E-mail address: akifmanaf@yogaakademi.com

Website : www.yogaakademi.com